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Kitchen News

Yogiraja Sri Ramana Maharshi was an incarnation of Peace. In His Divine Presence dogs, cows and even wild animals like cheetah calmed down. A question may be asked as to whether there is anything in the world which could disturb His peace. Surprisingly the answer is yes, He did appear to be upset sometimes. What made Him upset? Conduct that didn’t respect “Samatva” or “equality” troubled Him. For example, if He saw or even imagined that a dish was not served equally to everyone in the kitchen He would show His disapproval. Such is the glory of His spiritual attainment!

In recent times, because of limited resources, ashram was serving Chappati only to a limited number of visitors on restricted diet. Happily ashram has now relaxed this rule by acquiring a special machine which makes Chappatis very fast. Now everyone can enjoy Chappati for dinner!!

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