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Nul Tirattu

Nul Tirattu

The Collected Works of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi (Sri Ramana Nul-Tirattu – Tamil) has a unique place in the life of all Ramana devotees. In his introduction to the prose translation of Vivekachudamani (his earliest and major single work), Bhagavan says “…. bliss can be realised through self enquiry only, which consists of Sravana (hearing), Manana (contemplation) etc. In his “Who am I?” also he says “… for that (happiness), the enquiry of the form ‘Who am I’ is the principal means.

The works of Bhagavan abundantly serve the purpose of Sravana, Manana etc.
With the upload of this ‘Nul Tirattu’, the poetical works of Bhagavan are now available to devotees in three different formats.

a) Tamil Parayanam as sung now at Sri Ramanasramam.

b) 15 Day cycle of the same including the poetical works of a few other saints – most of them in the voices of old devotees like Kunjuswamy and others.

c) The Collected Works of Bhagavan (Nul-Tirattu) – the poetical portion with music wherever available. This would be updated as and when the remaining portion is set to music and sung. The Malayalam version of Bhagavad Gita Saram, Telugu, Sanskrit and Malayalam versions of Upadesa Saram are also added here as supplement to Nul-Tirattu.

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1. Arunachala Dipa darsana Tatvam
2. Maahaatmiyam
3. Akshara mana maalai
4. Nava mani maalai
5. Padigam
6. Ashtakam
7. Pancha Ratnam-Sanskrit & Tamil
8. Upadesa Undiyar
9. Ulladu Naarpadu
10. Ulladu Naarpadu-Anubandam
11. Ekatma panchakam-Telugu & Tami
12. Appala Paattu
13. Anma Viddai
Anuvaada Nun Maalai (Poem)
14. Devikaalotram
15. Sarva jnotram
16. Bhagavat Gita Saaram
17. Dakshinamurti Stotram
18. Aanma Bodham
19. Guru Stuti
20. Hasta malakam
Anuvaada Nun Maalai (Prose) (Vivekachudamani)
21. Up to Anatma Iyal-Tami – Vrs145
Up to Jiva Brahma Ikya Iyal – Vrs309
Up to Podu Iyal – Vrs486
Up to end
22. Druk Drusya Vivekam
Arun Mozhi Thoguppu
23. Naan Yaar
24. Vichaara Sangraham
25. Upadesa Manjari
26. Mani Mozhigalum Tani Paakkalum
Talaippu kavi & Medicinal Verses
27. Vichara mani maalai
Nul Tirattu Supplement
  Bhagavad Gita Saram (Malayalam)
  Upadesa Saram (Telugu)
  Upadesa Saram (Sanskrt)
  Upadesa Saram(Malayalam)
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